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Why is there a class on my record that I never attended?

Sometime during the registration process, you may accidently add a class to your class list or forget to drop a class you decided not to take.  In these cases, if you are not dropped from the class by the instructor for non-attendance, the course remains on your class list.  It is important to note that it is not the instructor's responsibility to drop you for non-attendance.  It is your responsibility to drop or withdraw from a class.  Ultimately, you will receive a grade of "WU" in the course which designates "Withdrawal, Unofficial".   The "WU" will calculate like an "F" in your GPA. 

It is important to verify your study list, to insure that you are properly registered for the courses you intend to complete.  If you receive a grade of "WU", you may wish to consider petitioning for retroactive withdrawal from the course.  More information on that process is available at

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