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How do I get my username and password if I don't remember them?

I don’t know my campus username/password

  • To lookup your username go to > Click on Can’t access your account >Click on Student or New Applicant, > click on I forgot my username > provide the necessary information (CWID, LastName and DOB) so the system can verify you and give you your username.
    • If you still cannot retrieve your username contact the Student IT Help Desk at 657.278.8888
  • To reset your password go to > Click on I forgot my password > Enter your CWID and answer your security questions.
    • If you forgot your security question response, ** fail them 3 times** and you will be allowed to enter your personal information to reset your account (first name, last name, CWID, last 4-digits of SSN and birthdate)
    • If you still cannot get in or do not have a SSN contact the Student IT Help Desk at 657.278.8888


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