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How do I meet with an Evaluator?

An evaluator reviews coursework taken at another college and determines how it equates to coursework at CSUF.  In meeting with any evaluator, it is important to take copies of your academic transcripts from all college you have previously attended.  The appropriate evaluator to assist you depends on your current status with the university.

As an undergraduate student, if you have not yet been admitted to the university, you may want to meet with a representative of the Transfer Center in the CSUF Outreach Office in Langsdorf Hall 501B or contact the Transfer Center by calling (657) 278-3358 . If you have already been admitted to the university as an undergraduate student, you can review how your transfer coursework applies to your general education requirements with staff in the Academic Advising Center in UH - 123B.  Additional information on the services of the Academic Advisement Center is found at

For information related to how transfer courses may be applied to your major requirements, you need to check with your major academic department office for the resources available in your major department.  If you are a graduate student, you can check with your major department for information on transfer coursework evaluation; or you can contact the Graduate Studies Office located in McCarthy Hall 112 or by calling (657) 278-2618.  Additional information on the Graduate Studies Office is available at

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