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Can I take community college classes?

Courses offered by community colleges can help you to meet your degree requirements.  A maximum of 70 units of community college work may apply towards the number of total units required for your bachelor's degree.  

Those students who come to CSUF as upper division transfer students,  may have already hit this unit limit. As a continuing student, if you are considering taking courses at the community college, you should discuss it with your CSUF academic advisor to make sure the course you intend to take is transferable, meets the degree requirement you intend, and does not exceed the number of allowable community college units you can use towards your degree.  

You can also check ASSIST at to see how courses tranfer from the community college to CSUF.  Please note that a course taken at CSUF which you need to repeat must be repeated at CSUF in order to allow repeat forgiveness to be applied.

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