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How do I apply as an international student?

International students who have completed their education abroad and wish to apply to Cal State Fullerton should go to and complete the international application.   F-1 visa students who are already in the United States and who have taken coursework here should apply using the domestic application.   If you do not have a social security number (SSN), you can leave the field blank, which is what the instructions will tell you.  

The International Students Office  can provide you with some basic guidelines about the courses you need to take in order to meet minimum eligibility requirements for admission; however this does not guarantee admissions.   If you are currently a transfer student attending a California community college, you can use to check on how courses will transfer.  Cal State Fullerton only accepts upper-division transfer students. For fall enrollment (late August), you will need to have 60 units by the end of June.  We understand that the majority of students who apply are currently enrolled in school, so we do not expect final transcripts at the time of application. In most cases, we will ask you to submit results through the end of the second to last term. Once your final results are available you will need to send them to CSUF. Always, check your online "To Do List" on the Student Portal for the latest update.  

Your application will be evaluated by the Office of Admissions & Records.  If you are applying for a Master's Degree program, your application will also be evaluated by your major department. If you are admitted to CSUF, the Office of International Education & Exchange will issue an I-20 form to you. Please visit the Admissions and Records website to find more information about the application process, admission criteria, application form and application deadlines at

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