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What resources are available for AB540 Students?

On October 12, 2001, Governor Gray Davis signed into law Assembly Bill 540 (Stats. 2001, ch. 814) that added a new section 68130.5 to the California Education Code. Section 68130.5 and created a new exemption from the payment of nonresident tuition for certain nonresident students who have attended high school in California for three or more years and received a high school diploma or its equivalent. [Education Code section 68130.5].  Additional information is available at  

There are many resources on the CSU Fullerton campus to assist our students.  AB540 students who attend CSUF have access to the same campus services that are available to any eligible students at CSU Fullerton.  In some cases, AB540 students may qualify for the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP).  Additional information on EOP can be found at

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