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What are elective courses?

General elective courses are those courses you take which do not apply to your major, minor or general education requirements.   If the sum of the number of units you take to complete your major, general education or any minors you have declared does not meet the minimum number of units to earn your degree (120+), you will need to take elective courses to complete the total number of credits required by your degree.

For example, if your degree requires 120 units ( which is the minimum number of units required for any undergraduate degree) and you have completed your general education requirement of 51 units and your major requires 36 units, you would still need to take 33 additional units of elective credit to meet the 120 required units.  If in this same example, you also had a declared minor requiring 21 units, then you would need only 12 units of elective credit to meet the 120 units required for your degree (51 GE + 36 major + 21 minor + 12 elective = 120 units).  You may also have electives within your major.  This means that you have a choice of which major courses you want to take in order to meet your major requirements.

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